Thursday, March 10, 2011

Making cuts...

My income is nowhere near what it was the last time I had a solid job, but I am still living relatively the same life...with some minor cuts.

No more gym membership...I work out at home, stationary bike in my living room, and apartment workout room and pool.

Took on a roommate...temporary deal, but the cash from rent helps.

Cut down monthly expenses...aforementioned gym membership, cut back on Netflix account, any subscriptions, etc.  Its kind of funny to see the different places you leak out money when you're not worrying as much about how much you're spending.

Pre gaming before going out has become as important as it was in college.  Bottle of Vodka...14 bucks.  3 weak ass drinks at a bar downtown?  More than the bottle.

Anytime you find yourself in a situation where you may have to pay for parking...figure out the bus.

A few ideas that may or may not apply.  I do have to add that I also have the benefit of a massive amount of savings that I had built up over the years.  I have always tended to be fairly frugal on large purchases.  Not everyone does this.  I honestly have enough in the bank to live off of for a year or more, but have not tapped into it in the 5 months since my layoff and income cut...actually I put more into it this past week when I received my tax returns.  Bring it.

Keep fighting the fight.


  1. pregaming>gaming. cheaper and way more fun :D

  2. Personal experience, Food, electricity and gas.
    Learning how to manage those gave me a few more bucks a month

  3. It's really true, people really do leak money when they aren't thinking about it...

  4. Wow great stuff man. Sucks taht you're in a tight spot. Followed!